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Battery Maritime Building Update: Veggies Out, Stamps In!

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Hey, look here! It's a fresh new rendering of the Battery Maritime Building, the grand dame of the southern tip of Manhattan, freshened up with the proposed 140-room hotel atop it. And speaking of fresh, there's going to be that great, San Franciscoesque fresh food market in the building's Great Hall, right? Er, no. Per today's NYT, that plan is officially, once-and-for-all doneski, mostly because, uh, the hall isn't so great after all. ("It's physically not feasible," said a rep for Dermot Co., the developers. "It's radically inadequate in size.") So what will the great hall be used for? Among the contending ideas: cooking demonstrations; food boutiques; "small exhibitions or shows by local groups like the American Numismatic Society"; or "private events." We'll take odds on that last likelihood, please.
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