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Related/Monadnock Public Place Proposal Fully Revealed

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Detailed renderings of the big finalist proposals for Public Place on the Gowanus are slowly coming our way. These are detailed renderings of the Related Companies/Monadnock proposal for the big site. To recap: the proposal would include 725 units of housing, 22,000 square feet of retail, 9,013 square feet of community space and 86,529 square feet of public open space. The project design is from Handel Architects. Partners include Monadnock Construction Inc., Catholic Charities and Donna Walcavage Landscape Architect. The plans may change dramatically as a neighboring property owner could join the winning development team and add another four acres to the six-acre site. As for the "Team B" finalist, the Hudson Companies, ball's in your court on the cool, glorious renderings front.
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