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After the Historic District, the Dumbo Rezoning

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It's only been a couple of months since the Landmarks Commission created a Dumbo Historic District, but the Planning Commission is now moving on a rezoning of part of the neighborhood that would generally allow for 10-12 story residential buildings. The development is reported in the Architects Newspaper. The "first official version" of the proposal will be presented at a closed meeting on Thursday. The area that would be rezoned is bounded by Bridge Street on the north, John Street on the west, the Manhattan Bridge on the south and Front Street on the east. Matt Chaban writes that it would be "a contextual zoning that would create bulky 10-12 story buildings, which would conform with some of the areas taller lofts but tower over others." The Historic Districts Council's Simeon Bankoff says that "it's looking like they want a high-density residential neighborhood." The first neighborhood press conference about the issue could be as early as mid-morning.
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