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Cooper Square Hotel Turning Friends Into Enemies

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The Cooper Square Hotel, no stranger to controversy, is enmeshed in various internal wars amongst its partners and investors. One would think that the end of the liquor license problems would have created clear skies for the 21-story East Village menace, but perhaps the strain of fighting so many community complaints and protests has gotten to CSH developers Adam Moss and Gregory Peck. The Observer's Chris Shott reports that the relationship between the two high school friends has devolved to the point where they each have their own separate publicists representing the hotel, and Moss intends to run the it (Peck is the one with the Schrager/Balazs pedigree) with a new partner under the moniker MK Hotels. And then there's the matter of the property the group acquired on East Fifth Street Cooper Square, for reasons as yet unclear. Will the "next phase" be a restaurant/lounge extension of the Cooper Square Hotel brand? Hotel investor Robert Becker sure wants to know. In fact, he feels so left out of the decision-making process that he posted an angry letter to Adam Moss on a website. Fun times at Dubai on the Bowery, indeed!
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