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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Bachelor Pad on Madison Ave.

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Location: 76 Madison Avenue
Asking: $1,125,000

The cat was out of the bag on this studio-posing-as-a-one-bedroom rather quickly. Said one commenter: "Since when are you allowed to put up a temp wall with some frosted glass and turn an alcove studio into a 1BR?" Since right now! As for the guessing, many folks went under $1 million, not realizing that this is 76 Madison, where elevators go right to your closet. But our anonymous friend at #2 was the first to nail it: "I am a big fan of Madison Square Park, although this apartment is a little north of it... But at least you would have the option of take-out meatballs from A Voce. It is a stretch to call this Flatiron - maybe Flatiron North. The finishes are very nice, very comfortable. I am guessing $1,125,000 and not a penny more." Ladies...
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