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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Stalled in the Slope, The Number 23, Parking in Hell, More!

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And now, the responses to Tuesday's Rumblings & Bumblings reader queries...

1) Park Slope: No updates on 134-136 St. Marks Place, the building with the "JOB CLOSED UNTIL?" sign. The mystery remains mysterious.

2) Gramurray: Finally, the scoop regarding the corner of 23rd Street and Second Avenue! Writes a tipster: "2nd Ave and 23rd St was sold by Donald Zucker to a developer who paid $500+/sf for the site. He is constructing a glass curtain wall condominium; prices will probaly be in the $1,500+ /sf range for him to show any return." And we direct you to the website of ZE Realty, which is marketing the retail space at 300 East 23rd Street. ZE's rendering appears above, though it's not clear whether this is just a generic, or is actually indicative of the building set to rise. Another tipster claims that the space has already been leased, "probably to a drug store if I had to guess."
3) Hell's Kitchen: No one's quite sure what's up with the parking garage at 332 West 44th Street, but no permits have been filed. There was this, though: "To honor one-time resident Larry David, Hell's Kitchen is installing a 100-story statue of Larry David on 44th street. There will be commecial property at street level with well defined lines for each register. There will also be 95 stories of residential property that is both quiet and free of all electrical wires." He'd still be grumpy.

4) Greenwich Village: Did 147 Waverly finally gets its friggin' boiler inspection? Yes, claims one reader, who says the building has its TCO. Adds another, "As I understand it, the bottom floor of 147 Waverly is to be two residential units."
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