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On the Racked: Topshop is Hot, Starbucks Booting Homeless, Fake-Free Canal St., Like/Likely

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: There was a fire-related incident this morning at the former Yellow Rat Bastard/current Topshop site at 478 Broadway. According to Racked, Broadway was closed to traffic. No sign of fire or smoke, though, so work can continue.

2) Soho: Racked has discovered one of the reasons for the mysterious Starbuck's shutdown--they were training the staff "how to remove the homeless from their stores without a big to-do." An employee told Racked that he had to "maintain a certain atmosphere" in the store.

3) Chinatown: Here's a photo gallery with many, many compelling photos of the sad scene on Canal Street after the big counterfeit bust left fake Fendi bag seekers heartbroken.

4) Williamsburg: Check out the new Racked feature, Like/Likely, wherein new &/or empty storefronts are assessed in terms of what business would take the space in a perfect world and, then, what will probably end up there. First Like/Likely candidate: our friend, 502 Metropolitan, AKA the Gateway to Williamsburg.