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Curbed PriceChopper: 25 Bond's Leftovers

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Then: $8,950,000
Now: $8,450,000
You Save!: $500,000

The two second-floor apartments at 25 Bond?the rocky one, not the wonky one or the Coke bottle one?were the last to be released, not because they are the nine-unit Noho building's least impressive apartments, but because the communal backyard had to be completed first to show off their glory. Or so the developer said. No matter the reasons for its delayed entry to the market, Unit 2E recently had a run-in with the Chopper. Maybe the backyard isn't as impressive as hoped? Or maybe the brokers are just itching to send us that "25 BOND IS SOLD-OUT!" e-mail. Either way, this is far from the shitshow that 40 Bond has become.
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40 Bond Street

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