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Here's the New Burg Rental Building at Driggs & N. 8

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This construction site at Driggs and N. 8 in Williamsburg has been a big pit for a while, although pile drivers have been pounding away for a six-story, 50-unit building being developed by Kalmon Dolgin. The interesting thing is that it's going to be a rental building, making it the first big new construction rental building in that part of the neighborhood. which hasn't been all that common a thing in the Burg in the last few years. Early on, rents were expected to range from $2,500-$3,850 per month for 1BR and 2BR apartments with the penthouses priced around $5K monthly. The design comes from the Stephen B. Jacobs Group, which among a great many things, is the architect for The Edge on Kent Avenue. The target completion date is October, 2009, assuming work picks up speed.
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The Edge

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