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Lonely Plaza Hotel Now Proven to Be Harmful, Perhaps Deadly

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Nobody lives in the Plaza Hotel. We know this because the Times just did a big story about how nobody lives in the Plaza Hotel. Sure, the condo units in the renovated building have been bought for outrageous sums of money, but Russian billionaires don't usually spend the majority of their time in Manhattan. It's been a funny situation, until this sudden and dramatic plot twist. At right, clutching her Fabergé egg like a wounded kitten, is Plaza resident and real estate broker Joanna Cutler, who was recently trapped overnight in the 14th floor garbage room, just 10 feet from her front door. She screamed at the top of her lungs for hours, and bloodied her hands while beating on the doors to try to get someone's attention. Only there was a small problem: nobody lives in the Plaza Hotel. Notes the Post: "Couples from San Francisco and New Zealand live on her floor, but they were out of town." Yes, "out of town." Anyhowsers, Cutler fired off a letter to Plaza developer Elad Properties yesterday that hinted at a potential lawsuit over the incident. Should they just skip some steps and buy her the 15 Central Park West apartment now?
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