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No Saving St. Saviour's Any Longer

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St. Saviour's, the Queens church that been on Death Row for a while and suffered a massive arborcide last year, is being dispatched by demolition crews. Queens Crap, which has followed the story from beginning to end, reported the beginning of demolition yesterday as well as the dispatching of police to ensure that the demolition went smoothly and that no protesters interfered. They've also noted that the church bell, which developers had promised to salvage and turn over for preservation has vanished and that a DumpsterGate seems to be developing with the remains of St. Saviour's being left in dumpster belonging to a firm with "a shady past," per QC. Also, there's a rally to protest the destruction of St. Saviour's tomorrow. The St. Saviour's site is on the market for $10 million.
· Breaking News: St. Saviour's Being Demolished [Queens Crap]

UPDATE: The Department of Environmental Protection has temporarily halted the demolition while it checks for asbestos.