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Upper West Side Getting a Luxury Barn

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When the Upper West Side's Claremont Riding Academy was unexpectedly sold and closed last year, little girls cried and cried and the Met's horses were suddenly homeless. Now, along comes the Sun's Bradley Hope to really drive the stake into all those broken hearts. To the surprise of no one, the 115-year-old West 89th Street stable is going condo, and the plans approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission this week reveal some interesting details, including that the carriage lift will become an elevator to transport cars to an underground parking garage, and the nine units will have wide wooden floorboards and detailing "to evoke country houses or barns." But according to PKSB Architects, not everything can be salvaged. The original wood structures will be gutted because they are "imbued with the smell of more than a century's worth of manure." Luxury condos, everybody! Expect the marketing of this old shitbox to begin near the end of 2008.
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