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Your Morning Credit Card Crunch: Atelier Goes Plastic

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All along we've been led to believe that buying a new condo will be the most rewarding experience of our lives, but now we find out it's rewarding in so many other ways, too! In a story that feels like it was written in another era, the Post gives us an update on sales at the Far West Side's Atelier, known for giving celebrities like Nick Lachey and Lindsay Lohan deeply-discounted/free apartments and getting trashed by Richard Meier. The latest:

"When I was getting ready to write out the check, I was just joking around and said, 'Can I put this on my card?' They said yes. It worked out to a $1,000 gift certificate at Saks." Feliton isn't the first buyer at Atelier to figure out that his new building could get him all sorts of free swag.

"I'm aiming to go to Eastern Europe," says Mabel Ng, another first-time buyer who recently bought a one-bedroom at Atelier, who put her down payment on her AmEx and plans to use the points for a vacation. "Prague, maybe. Or Germany. There are so many places on the list. Australia, maybe." Yes, life can be pretty sweet for a first-time buyer in today's New York real-estate market.

You know, we always felt that Eleventh Avenue was a little like Eastern Europe; now, it'll also get us there in a jiffy!
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