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CurbedWire: Ian Schrager Speaks on 40 Bond Et. Al., An Atlantic Yards Case Waits Until Fall

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SCHRAGERVILLE?In response to a post earlier this week about a New York Magazine story about real estate developer/art collector Aby Rosen, we heard from none other than Ian Schrager. He wrote: "Your post on the New York Magazine story about Aby Rosen rightfully recognizes his vision and talent. Aby is a long-time friend of many years and I'm delighted to have him as a partner in some of my projects, especially the three you mention at 40 Bond, 50 Gramercy Park North and Gramercy Park Hotel. It is however incorrect and misleading to say he "put up the money" for those developments (and I realize that was the impression New York gave in its article). I am the largest investor and owner in those projects by a substantial amount and put up the proportionate capital required. In short, I'm too big a believer in my ideas not to have the largest stake in the transactions that finance them." [CurbedWire Inbox]

PROSPECT HEIGHTS?There's a small development one of the Atlantic Yards lawsuits that means that the litigation will continue longer than developer Bruce Ratner was hoping. Mr. Ratner had asked for an "expedited" argument on the appeal of the case brought by opponents of the project challenging the Environmental Impact review process (already dismissed by a lower court) by May, but a state appeals court will hear the case in September. [CurbedWire Inbox]

40 Bond Street

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