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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Lonely Plaza Hotel Now Proven to Be Harmful, Perhaps Deadly (60 Comments)
"The moral -- take out your trash in the morning on your way to work. If you must throw out your trash at night, wear a robe, preferably flannel, and carry your cell phone. P.S. Never let the trash door slam shut on your egg."
2) No Piano: Ratner Pulls Plug on Downtown Brooklyn Tower (57 Comments)
"why does Brooklyn have to have a skyline? Brooklyn is known for its midrise, human scale, brownstone and rowhouse neighborhoods. It needs a 50 story glass box to be considered un-mediocre?"
3) Feeling LIC's Heat, Part I: All Hail Duane Reade (45 Comments)
"Any "battery park city" outside of the city will not survive without retail. so yes, this is needed to create the plastic neighborhood of LIC's waterfront."
4) Construction Watch: LIC's Pulaski Twins Standing Tall (31 Comments)
"They will have the luxury of Midtown tunnel smog coming in through the fedder holes."