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Feeling LIC's Heat, Part III: PriceUpper Madness!

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Now the Toll Brothers are just messing with us. Two weeks ago, it was the limited-edition PriceChop at Fifth Street Lofts. Last week, it was the whole building. And now this week, just to confuse matters more, the units' prices have been raised back to pre-chop levels, according to StreetEasy. We always knew Long Island City would drive us crazy, we just didn't know that the mission would have been accomplished so easily.

Meanwhile, there was also some PriceUpping at Crescent Club, long a Curbed favorite for its outdoor pool, project views and nice set of balls. What's up over at Queens Plaza? Well, we'll tell you. StreetEasy also showed increases on some two dozen or so units, just before a bunch of them went into the ol' "listings in contract" category. Curious. awesome, that is, which is precisely how we feel about Long Island City. Folks, we are feeling the heat.
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