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Meanwhile, at the Underground Railroad House in Brooklyn

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Just when a slice of the Downtown Brooklyn Underground Railroad Houses saga seemed to have a happy ending, with an agreement in December that will hold off the wrecking ball, there is a new twist. The building could go into foreclosure. Today's Post notes that owner Joy Chatel, who led many protests to stop the demolition, owes more than $300,000 in mortgage payments for 227 Duffield Street. The house is one of several on the block that were said to be part of the Underground Railroad, but that would be demolished to make way for an underground parking garage and a park. The other buildings are still slated to be demolished. The longterm plan is for an Underground Railroad Museum on the site, assuming the grim forecloser doesn't show up. There are some fundraisers planned and there's also a new MySpace page for 227 Duffield.
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