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Flushing Meadows Goes Aquatic

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Williamsburg and Greenpoint can eat their hearts out on the pool and ice skating front, at least for today. The big new Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Natatorium and Ice Rink is opening today and at at $66.3 million, it's said to be the costliest recreation building ever constructed in a city park. It hold a million gallons of 80-degree water, which is sounding good pretty good. The design comes from Handel Architects and was designed "in the dynamic spirit of the pavilions of the World's Fairs..with soaring masts supporting a cable stay long span structure over the rink and pool and a crystalline entry lobby that glows at night." A lot going on and, possibly, to come in this corner of Flushing. No worries, McCarren Pool will be ready in a few years.
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