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Feeling LIC's Heat, Part I: All Hail Duane Reade

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We can't deny the perfect storm of Long Island City tips, photos and information that have trickled in over the past couple of days. Folks, we are officially feeling Long Island City's heat. Today we'll be looking at a number of these stories, including this first one, a screed submitted by a reader just this morning. Is it shilly? Hilariously so, but who doesn't love the retail-as-neighborhood-savior debate? Away we go:

I am amazed how far Long Island City has grown and evolved over the past year. As all the new buildings are going up, the retail has been growing as well. We all know a vibrant retail district that includes ample restaurants will dramatically improve the value and sales of new homes and condos. With this I am excited to see that Delta Force Army Navy, one of the last great Army Navy stores in the United States, has opened its flagship store in Long Island City. Located at 49-10 Vernon Blvd, Delta Force has all the latest hip Military inspired fashions for Men, Woman, and Children. It's amazing to see the people that are drawn to the store all hours of the night at any given time crowds are looking at the windows or shopping inside but what is really unique is the way people who live in other areas are now finding a new neighborhood to live in just because they are drawn to a new retail store. The Long Island City market is growing rapidly and this spring the opening of Duane Reade and The Amish Market together with Delta Force Army Navy is expected to see a additional 3,000 to 5,000 shoppers a week in the Hunters Point section of Long Island City. The timing is perfect. As several new condos and building rentals are near completion several realtors are already feeling the impact of the retail vibrancy as this new retail now can seal the deal for another family to call L.I.C home. It's amazing how a little retail can change the whole complexion of a neighborhood and drive condo sales swiftly. Cheers to the new Long Island City!And just imagine what impact Queens West's Duane Reade and Amish Market will have when they finally open, tentatively sometime in the next 10 years.
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