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CurbedWire: Domino's Pez Dispenser, LES Gets Loicidal

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WILLIAMSBURG?Last week, when the photos of the renderings of Rafael Viñoly's plans for the Domino Sugar site in Williamsburg hit, a reader commented that "I'm scared these beautiful pixilated pez dispensers will just look plastic and cheap after the cost cutters come in." This, in turn, led another reader to email and say, "I read the comment about Domino looking like pez dispensers and was inspired." The result is an actual Pez dispenser with the towers that seems to blend well. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Another reader writes with a new word, saying: "In order to improve specifically the discussion and description of development in New York and generally the English language, I humbly submit the contribution of a new word, "loicide": Pronunciation: \?lô-çs-?sîd\ (or "Low(er) Eas(t) Side"). Etymology: from Spanglish, Loisada, from English, Lower East Side, + cide, Middle French, from Latin -cida, from caedere to cut, kill. Date: Early 21st century.

Here is the rest of the complete explanation of "loicide":

Function 1: noun
Definition: The systematic destruction of a lower-income urban neighborhood's aesthetic through rapid gentrification, particularly by first attracting 20-something-aged trust-funded children of suburban professionals ("Trustifarians"), increasing the density of loud bars and obnoxiously trendy boutiques, and finally, a massive influx in the development of shoddily-built but overpriced condominiums which would have been out-of-place just a few years before. Function 2: verb
Inflected Form(s): loi·cid·ed; loi·cid·ing
Intransitive verb : to commit loicide

Pronunciation: \?lô-çs-?sî-d?l\
Function: Adjective
Definition: of or relating to loicide; especially : being or performing a deliberate act resulting in the death of a neighborhood's previous atmosphere ("A loicidal condominium building" or "A loicidal trend").

"Ludlow Street was tolerable until all those recent NYU grads committed loicide there."

"Another loicidal development by McCarren Park? When will it end?"

"I hope they don't open another bar on West 187th Street. The last thing we need is loicide in Inwood."

"An outraged President Carter thinks the international community should enact sanctions in order to force the Israelis to stop committing acts of loicide in Tel Aviv's Florentine neighborhood."

A new word! [CurbedWire Inbox]

New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY