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Curbed RentChopper: Clock Ticking on This Lafayette Loft

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Then: $16,000/month
Now: $10,500/month
You Save!: $5,500/month

Some call the block of Lafayette between Howard and Canal Streets Chinatown, and others call it Soho, but no matter what language you speak?Chinese or Fancypants?if there's one thing that's universal, it's a date with ... THE CHOPPER!!! Up on the ninth floor of 129 Lafayette Street, a brick and granite former printing building, this 2BR, 2BA loft checks in at a hefty 2,200 square feet. It comes furnished, with a washer/dryer and a private balcony. So why no takers and a huge cut? Maybe because the apartment appears to be available only until August. But what a six months it would be!
· Listing: Soho's Nicest Furnished Loft [Halstead]