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Construction Watch: 125 N. 10 Goes North

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Well, good thing our dear old friend 55 Berry is all sold out, because work has started on the North Building of its close friend 125 N. 10 and the outlook isn't so good for the direct sunlight factor in some of the windows in the former. Of course, in the end, the surviving back windows at 55 Berry will have excellent views of the courtyard between 125 N. 10th's Robert Scarano-designed North and South buildings with the added benefit of being buffered from that nasty street noise. Right now, though, it looks like a superb place to be for those fascinated by how things get built.

Let's just say it's very, very close and at a bit of an angle.

Another shot of the 125 N. 10 steel rising.

The rendering that shows how the North Building will look when it's all over.
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