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When All Else Fails, There's Always the Moneymen

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The credit crunch is creeping in, the foreign investors are having second thoughts, the $70 million Pierre penthouse triplex is still on the market?all is not well in brokerville. But there's always the bread-and-butter demographic milling about to keep everyone afloat: the bankers, the stock brokers, the Wall Street crowd, etc. Those are just the kinds of dudes the Sky House?the gigantic brick condo tower going up on East 29th Street just off Fifth Avenue?seems to be falling back on. An invite to an upcoming party at the Sky House's 55th floor penthouse (above, minus some sensitive info) is being co-sponsored by Trader Monthly, and the decor will be "ultimate bachelor pad." Were visions of young i-bankers vacuuming rails off of sleek granite countertops used as inspiration when FXFowle designed the building? Answer: Duh.
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