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Hope is Alive: NYC's 'Bargain Hoods'?

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As part of New York Magazine's recession package this week, which recalls the glory days of the early '90s when a Tudor City one-bedroom could be purchased for $3,500, there's a sidebar on "Bargain Hoods" that covers everything from the best places to borrow a wifi signal to tips on how to rent a room in one's condo or apartment as a hotel room. There are also tips from brokers on places to look for good buys. A couple of samples:

1) $299K for a 750 square foot 1BR coop in Inwood, which is "way north, but enough attract people priced out of Chelsea and the Village."
2) A 450-square-foot $1,900 rental in an elevator building on 46th Street west of Ninth Avenue.

3) A 500-square-foot rental, with a private deck, for $1,390 a month in East Williamsburg/Bushwick. More deals east of the BQE, it's said, because the housing stock "is more humble."More on the list itself. · The Everything Guide to Belt Tightening: Bargain Hoods [NYM]
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