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Left Behind: Bed-Stuy's Art Detritus is Terrifying

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With the hipster/artist/hipster-artist migration to Bushwick in full swing, it's important to note that the neighborhoods abandoned by these creative types?Williamsburg, all of Manhattan, etc.?are not being left empty-handed. But it's not just empty Sparks cans and old skinny jeans lining the streets, at least not in Bed-Stuy. Someone or some operation known as Big Bird or Bio Bird (the sign is a little hard to make out) has fled the 'hood, notes Bed-Stuy Banana, only to leave behind some sort of demented doll tea party. A statement that Bed-Stuy's gentrification is the misguided fantasy of infantile minds? Nah, just something to give you nightmares.
· Big Bird has Moved to Bushwick [Bed-Stuy Banana]