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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Old Blue Eyes' UES Prize

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1) Is an Upper East Side penthouse with "cracked walls, prehistoric floors, Eisenhower-era décor and a half-built cantilevered floor" worth $6 million? It is when its first owner was Frank Sinatra. Or at least that's what the 530 East 72nd Street apartment's current owner?former Andy Warhol physician Denton S. Cox?is hoping. Reads the listing: "The first owner was Old Blue Eyes. The new one must be someone with vision." [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

2) Does a celebrity visit to an on-the-market property increase the listing's cache? Yes. Does it help sell the apartment quicker? Unclear. In the case of Madonna and the East 62nd Street townhouse, yes. Lenny Kravitz and the Duke Semans mansion, not so much. ['Miele vs. Madonna'/S. Jhoanna Robledo]

3) The East Village suffered a devastating blow when Parker Posey packed up her dog and hightailed it out of the 'hood. Would a mass exodus of area celebrities?Chloe Sevigny, James Iha, David Cross, etc.?follow? Unclear, but the EVill has just gained one with the recent full-floor loft purchase by Top Chef host and Padma Lakshmi. She paid $1.651 million for her apartment, which doesn't sound quite glamorous enough for her. An investment property, perhaps? [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

4) Fresh out of college, Barack Obama lived in a shitty Yorkville walk-up. Just like you! [CityRoom/Jennifer 8. Lee]