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Will Nathan's Next Coney Hot Dog Be Jumbo?

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Not every inch of the amusement district in Coney Island would be rezoned as "parkland" in the city's redevelopment plan and turned into a big amusement park. It turns out that one of the parcels that could be developed as a high rise is the ones one which Nathan's hot dogs sits at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenue. Nathan's two-story building could actually be rebuilt at a 14-story building with stores, entertainment venues, hotel rooms and possibly even a hot dog stand. A block to the west could also hold a tallish building. The City Planning Dept. tells the Daily News that "Nathan's would be given more opportunities for development on its property." Nathan's, meanwhile, says that "at the current time" it has no plans for changes, but that they're waiting on the outcome of the big zoning fight. Perhaps, a coliseum-type of structure for the hot dog eating contest or a year-round competitive eating venue?
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