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It Happened One Weekend: Giants Ask the Big Questions

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1) If there is one real estate lesson to be taken from the monumental upset of the undefeated and unstoppable Patriots, it's that, hey, maybe the Manhattan market isn't so untouchable after all! Can a football game affect market confidence? Maybe. The bad news has already started to trickle out, so anything can trigger the snowball effect. ['Home Prices Start to Dip, Recalling ’90s Slump'/Patrick McGeehan]

2) New York's arcane tax laws result in some fairly wacky assessments, partly because storied co-ops are categorized the same as run-down old buildings. This is good news for Rupert Murdoch ($55,000 in annual taxes on his $44 million apartment) and bad news for David Martinez ($442,000 for his Time Warner Center duplex). ['Who Pays the Most Taxes'/Josh Barbanel]

3) A thorough breakdown of the South Williamsburg neighborhood introduces us to Julia Warr and Martin Brierley, a couple of British artists who relocated to the area with their three children and are about one my-boy-got-beat-up-by-some-Spanish-kids away from hopping a plane back to South Kensington. [Living In/Jake Mooney]

4) How does Sky View Parc, a massive 14-acre development in Flushing with luxury condos and a mall, differ from other massive Queens developments like Queens West or LeFrak City? This one is being paid for by all private money. And it has a Home Depot! [Posting/C.J. Hughes]

5) Think Park Slope is going through a baby boom? Then you really to check out Crown Heights, where Lubavitchers are mating like mad and building condos like they're going out of style. [The City/Alex Mindlin]

Sky View Parc

2822 College Point Blvd., New York, NY 11354