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On the Racked: Special Fashion Week Insanity Edition!

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Twice a year, Bryant Park turns itself into the center of the universe, and all of NYC genuflects at its feet. Yes, Racked's hanging at Fashion Week.

1) Okay, it's not the Bryant Park tents—but, trust us, that's a good thing. Above, the brand freaking new Yohji Yamamoto flagship store, opening today in the Meatpacking District. It's actually one of two Yohji-related MePa stores opening today; across the street, his Y-3 collaborative store with Adidas is also ready. Click through for interior photographs of both stores.

2) And inside the Bryant Park tents? Oh, the humanity. And lack thereof.

3) Spotted by Lucky: a new way of belting! Spotted by Racked: men's lace sweaters! Both further evidence why Fashion Week trends freak us out.

4) Those orange bikes parked on the streets of our fair city this past weekend? Yes, a Fashion Week marketing effort of sorts from DKNY. Yes, offensive to many.