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'Gateway to Williamsburg' Meets Kellogg's Diner

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Get ready for the "Gateway to Williamsburg." A tipster pointed us to redone renderings and promo material for 502 Metropolitan, a new building that will soon be wrapping itself around the Kellogg's Diner, the greasy spoon spot at Union and Metropolitan Avenues. We had an early rendering of the new building, which is being developed by the Chetrit Group, last summer. The new version is above. It will include 28,751 square feet of retail space on two levels and is being pitched to a big box retailer, although one of the renderings says "grocery store" at street level. The pitch from the Winnick Group, which is marketing the retail, says that the a store would serve "a million shoppers hungry for big-box convenience." No applications have been filed yet, so it's unclear how many apartments (many with dramatic views of the adjacent BQE) will be here.

There is little one can add to this portrayal of Williamsburg, except to say that this is both the coffin and the final nails being driven in.

Behold some of the details, which can be seen if one clicks to expand.

The Gateway to Williamsburg in its current state, with demolition underway.
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