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Purple People Eaters: NYU's Expansion Plans Illustrated

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NYU is hell-bent on this six-million-square-foot expansion thingy. The school has gone through great pains to reach out to the community to soften the blow, and the administrators are even looking at far-off wonderlands like Governors Island and Brooklyn as potential hosts of new facilities. But now that NYU's Open House presentation of its 23-year-plan has turned up online (warning: PDF), it's still a jarring sight that speeches and newspaper articles can't prepare you for. The presentation is worth downloading and pouring over, and includes various development concepts (a car-free Washington Place?!) on how to knit the school back into the city, as well as a huge map of potential Downtown Brooklyn properties. We've pulled out some of the more interesting graphics to share. Above, the landmarked Brown Building, site of the Triangle Factory fire in 1911. Perhaps a Parisian sidewalk café is in order?

An awesome concept: turning Washington Place into a pedestrian street. Click to expand!

Another vision of a refreshed Washington Place.

More of Big Purple's attempt to turn severe plazas into public playthings.

Some proposed ideas for an increased build-out of the slightly depressing Washington Square Village. Click to expand! We vote Concept B!
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