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At Least Bay Ridge Smells Like Cinnamon-Scented Crap

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Anybody that thought Greenpoint or Gowanus had cornered the market on crappy smells should think gain. On of the city's biggest ongoing stinks is in Bay Ridge and the city is so desperate to try to fix the problem that they're tossing scented socks (pine, cinnamon, orange, vanilla) into the sewers to try to put some cut on it. Today's Daily News continues the nasty little sage of the crappy smell hovering over Fort Hamilton Parkway, which started after the city finished a $6.9 million sewer project. A resident says, "The city's smelly socks aren't working...our entire block is repulsed." The problem has existed for a while now. This crappy problem is not to be confused with the one from the sewage treatment plant spewing fumes into the air. That's in a different part of Bay Ridge.
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