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Daily Domino: New Renderings, Hearing & Sign Controversy

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[Renderings courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects; click to expand]

Another day, another Domino story. After flying below the radar for months, the proposal for the massive New Domino development on the Williamsburg waterfront is definitely back. First up, there are new high-quality renderings of the Rafael Viñoly plan for the site. This, in turn, leads to a second point about what isn't there: the Domino Sugar sign that has been a Williamsburg icon for generations. Residents and preservationists aren't happy about the omission. A spokesperson for the developer told the Daily News that "there are engineering complexities involved," although they would like to save it. Meanwhile, the proposal to add that five-story glass box to the top of the landmarked factory buildings goes before the Landmarks Preservation Commission today. Again, there is less than universal praise. Lisa Kersavage of the Municipal Art Society tells the Sun: "This very large glass addition just plunked onto the top of it is just not appropriate." More to come.

[Rendering courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects; click to expand]
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New Domino

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