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CurbedWire: B of A Tower Looking Good, Lucida Shattered

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MIDTOWN?Recently, we've only paid attention to the Bank of America Tower when there's been an accident. You know, say, something plummeting from an upper floor. Today, a special Curbed correspondent in the vicinity for Fashion Week pointed his camera up and observed "Above the tents, the BoA tower is actually looking not half bad, while the green re-glassing going on next door is positively bizarre." [CurbedWire Staff]

UPPER EAST SIDE?Was it only Friday that we were taking a look at progress at the Brompton and the Lucida, noting the new glass going into the latter. Today, a tipster sends along the photo to the right (which can be clicked and expanded for the glorious detail) showing shattered glass at the Lucida. He writes, "The exterior panel on the bottom has broken. It looks like it did not shatter. Is that a code violation? Not good! What happens when the scaffolding is gone Was it the subway or truck vibrations? Anyone figure out the logic behind where the clear or glazed windows are placed. I am convinced it's whichever window panel is on the top of the pile." [CurbedWire Inbox]