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MSG as 'Light-Filled Glass Container?' Sure!

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If the Farley Post Office/Moynihan Station megaplan gets pushed through, the current Madison Square Garden would be demolished in favor of a reworked Penn Station dubbed Moynihan East. Sad (not really), but true. But what if MSG?after the new arena gets built inside Farley?is instead left standing and worked into the project? That's the vision of Columbia's Historic Preservation Studio, made known in a huge Farley Post Office report prepared last year. The New Penn Station gang has a good summary of the crazy idea, an "urban oasis" type of adaptive reuse: "To redeem the structure in the public’s eye, the arena floor may be removed and a garden can terrace down into the concourse giving commuters an urban oasis. We also envision a refacing of the MSG drum, playing with transparent and opaque glass." An MSG gone glassy? That might be the first glass resurfacing that's actually welcomed.
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