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Domino's Glass Box Going Back to Drawing Board?

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[Rendering courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects]

The plan for changes to the landmarked Domino Factory that would be at the center of Williamsburg's New Domino went in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday, and it looks like the five-story glass box full of condos developers want to put on top of the 12-story, 1884 building might be getting some tweaks before all is said and done. The Commission didn't vote on the plan, but it scheduled more discussions and gave no indication it was any hurry to approve the change. The Williamsburg Greenpoint Preservation Alliance reported, in fact, that "none of the Commissioners are ready to stand up and support" the addition. Landmarks Chair Robert Tierney also told the developer to "look hard" to find a place to preserve the iconic Domino Sugar sign.

Michael Lappin of CPC Resources, which is developing the mega-project called the change to the building "a striking five story modern addition" necessary to gain space so that they can build more affordable housing. Preservationists offered up a range of statements against the project. Lisa Kersavage of the Municipal Art Society said the box would be "plunked on top of the landmark" and that it "is simply too large," among other things. and lacks the compositional organization and the arrangement of details that would relate it to the landmark." The Williamsburg Greenpoint Preservation Alliance said that "the project does not come together as a cohesive whole...This brand new landmark deserves a more comprehensive preservation approach." Testimony from the Historic Districts Council called the addition "architecturally incongruous," which are fighting words in landmarks terms. A lot more discussion and, most likely, redesign, to come.
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