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Flip of All Flips: Edgar Bronfman Jr. Puts in His Two Weeks

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In July, Edgar Bronfman Jr. sold his East 64th Street townhouse for over $50 million, a pretty good deal for the booze heir/record executive, who purchased the home in 1994 for $4.375 million. Because that deal wasn't audacious enough, perhaps because of the elapsed time between transactions, Bronfman has decided to up the ante. His latest acquisition is an 11-room spread at storied co-op 1040 Fifth Avenue, designed by Rosario Candela and onetime home of Jackie O. Bronfman has listed the apartment for $24 million, despite closing on it for just $19.5 million two weeks ago. A $4.5M markup for signing some papers? Genius. Bronfman never even climbed under the covers, and instead he'll move his brood to the Carhart Mansion on East 95th Street. Hey, aren't those famously stingy co-op board supposed to prevent stuff like this?

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