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CurbedWire: Happy New Year, YVES! Ludlow Street Hell

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CHELSEA?How is our old friend YVES ringing in the Year of the Rat? Why, with a giant inflatable rodent, of course! Oh, it's a protest for using non-union labor? Still ... how festive!

LOWER EAST SIDE?There was a construction boom perfect storm on the Lower East Side yesterday. A Hell Squarer writes, "Ludlow Street is under siege (how did it become possible for there to be 4 construction sites going on at the same time on half a block in a residential area?- 3 of them major). Living in 176/178 has been unbelievably alarming as the building shook, literally to it's foundations, with the pile-driving for 180. Meanwhile, as each site digs up the road endlessly we are subject to more abuse - thought you might like a picture of yesterday's two sided concrete pouring day."