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Brookfield Births 'Manhattan West' on Hudson Yards' Doorstep

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In a day filled with West Side development news, the biggest piece of intel just hit the wire. Brookfield Properties, the massive commercial landlord and one of the companies bidding on the Hudson Yards, has announced it will develop the other West Side rail yards, right smack in between the Hudson Yards and Penn Station. Bloomberg reports that Brookfield will start constructing a platform over the rails in June, and three acres and 5.4 million square feet of fresh new office and mixed-use develop space will be created. The $600 million project has been dubbed Manhattan West, and the platform is expected to be completed in late 2010. The first tower could be finished by 2013. The site runs from 31st to 33rd Streets, and Ninth Avenue to the Lincoln Tunnel approach. Yardsmania!
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