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From the Disaster Housing Rejection Pile

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OK, maybe "rejection" is too strong a word, because what you see above?CLOUD CITY?is a "selected entry" winner in the city's disaster housing design competition. Oh, and it's fucking awesome. Here's some color, from the creators at Studio Lindfors:

The concept for CLOUD CITY is based on the desire to allow people to remain in their community as close to their homes as possible. This would allow residents to remain an active part in the rebuilding of their community, while fostering a sense of security. The way to achieve this is to literally float a layer of provisional housing over the damaged or destroyed portions of the City. Once airborne, the floating homes allow construction crews below to work unimpeded, speeding up the recovery effort. This in turn reduces cost overruns and unnecessary delays. Whatever, dudes. We don't need much convincing. We'll take a bunk in Dirigible #3 and call it a day.

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