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The Catch: All Trailblazers Welcome

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

What/Where?: A $255,000 pre-war two-bedroom in fabulous Brooklyn, New York.
Looks Good, Right?: We'll let the listing speak for itself. "Beautiful, fully renovated 2-BR pre-war with all the amenities...tall ceilings, archways, hardwood floors, brand new kitchen and bath with stainless steel, shelves built into the wall, big windows, a little courtyard thingy for the building, and all the other fabulous trappings of pre-war living. And the maintenance is only $575!" HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
The Catch: We'll let the listing speak for itself. "And what fabulous neighborhood is this fabulous slice of housing fabulousness in? The magnificent, the multi-faceted, the masterful...Midwood! Mid-wha? Yeah, I know. You've never heard of it."

Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Willy-B...these are among the hot Brooklyn nabes that Manhattanites are flocking to...and with good reason. They all offer fab surroundings, restaurants, and convenience to the big City. What they do NOT, however, offer, is a lot of bang for your buck, what with their near Manhattan prices... Enter Midwood.

Midwood is a GORGEOUS neighborhood, full of tree-lined streets, gargantuan houses, solid and beautiful pre-war buildings, children frolicking in the streets, and all the other happy and jovial stuff you'd see on Leave it to Beaver or a Summer's Eve commercial. It's also got the 2/5 express trains about three blocks away, which zip you to either the east side or west side in Manhattan in a jiffy ("zip you"..."in a jiffy" I'm even starting to talk like Leave it to Beaver.) Where else are ya gonna find a mix of such convenience and uber-gorgeousness?

But wait! There's more! You also get SPACE. CHEAP space. $255K for a 2-BR in a quiet, safe, convenient, residential nabe is all but unheard of in NYC's hottest boro.

So c'mon. You've already demonstrated yourself to be something of a trailblazer just by being willing to move to Bklyn. Now demonstrate definitively that you're no lemming, that you're not tied down only to the neighborhoods all the cool kids are moving to, and check out what the REAL Brooklyn looks like.

But is our Midwood friend selling the place short? Says the Curbed tipster who recommended this for Catch consideration: "He should've also pitched that it was right near Brooklyn College and not far from the Syrian Jewish enclave, but, hey, what does he know?"
· Listing: $255000 Pre-war 2-BR in a GORGEOUS neighborhood. Fully reno, steps to subway [Craigslist]