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Brooklyn Development & Destructoporn as Art

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We don't often delve into art, unless it's, say, an part of marketing for a condo or the opening of a museum or crazy public work, but when the art is a collection of work about Brooklyn development, here we are. The paintings are the work of Greg Lindquist, who had a show last year about Williamsburg development. Now, the subject is Red Hook and things like the Ikea that's under construction and the vanished Revere Sugar plant. The painting above is called "Ikea Site (Design for Consumer Choice, Parking over Preservation)," which, along with the dark and brooding color scheme, might indicate the artist has some issues with our big bright blue-and-yellow friend.

Yes, that's Northside Piers, as would have looked about a year ago.

A huge empty site along Union Avenue and N. 10 Street in the Burg, where development is now starting.

The former Revere Sugar Plant in Red Hook. This one was bought by a Dutch collector.
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Northside Piers

4 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website