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Will 'Screwed by Development' Gain Meaning on Flatbush Ave.?

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What are screwdrivers and plungers worth? Well, the Brooklyn buildings at Flatbush Avenue and Bergen Street where they reside, and some others, could be worth $100 million. The business is Pintchik's Hardware and the family that owns it is prime to become King of Flatbush Avenue, having amassed "dozens of buildings" between Atlantic Avenue and Grand Army Plaza, according to today's Sun. The current head of the family business says it's time to start redeveloping some of the property. One broker says they hold the key to some major development on a still fairly shabby stretch of Flatbush. The plans include seriously upscaled retail in their buildings, rooftop additions for more apartments and four new mixed-use buildings on Flatbush that will "fit the neighborhood." The Pintchik kingdom is near the planned Atlantic Yards development. Will the neighbors in Park Slope and Prospect Heights say that the people that have sold them screws since 1940 are now putting the screws to the nabe? Stay tuned.
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