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Today in Controversial West Side Urban Planning

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The Far West Side of Manhattan, a place where few dare tread, has hella news circulating today. The headlines involve updates on three separate large-scale urban planning projects. A summary:

1) Hudson Yards: The developers' rebellion is on, baby! After the MTA dropped the bombshell that the companies competing to develop the West Side rail yards must now lease the land and bring on the MTA as a partner, the Times got some anonymous sources to start griping. Now, other anonymous sources connecting to the developers are leaking more MTA caveats, such as the $9.2 million fund the winning bidder will have to create to improve the LIRR facility near the Mets' new ballpark. This is getting dirty! [Crain's]

2) West Chelsea: Just south of the Hudson Yards, local residents and City Council speaker Christine Quinn are leading a charge to landmark the area bound by 25th and 28th Streets and Tenth and Twelfth Avenues. The Historic District would include structures like the New York Terminal Warehouse Co.'s Central Strores and the Starrett-Lehigh Building. Critics of the proposal say it will just present more obstacles in developing a "long-neglected corner of the city," especially with the Hudson Yards coming nearby. [Sun]

3) Javits Center: Mayor Bloomberg has officially broken with Governor Spitzer over Spitz's plan to sell two parcels of land around the Javits Center, which would be the final nail in the Javits expansion's coffin. Said Bloomie: "Well, we are certainly not in agreement with selling the land. I have expressed that to the governor and we're working with the governor's office." [NYP]