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Where We'll All Live Post-Cloverfield Attack

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For those who think the New York real estate market is a disaster waiting to happen, here's the building to hide in. The Office of Emergency Management announced the winners and finalists of the city's disaster housing design competition, meant to spur ideas on where to stash us in case of hurricane, flood or giant monster attack. As previously mentioned, mobile homes won't cut it because of the density of the population and the complicated infrastructure of the city, so the 117 entrants went a little wild. Each finalist gets $10,000 to refine the design, and some prototypes may get built to serve as models. Above, one of the splashier designs, which appears to be One Jackson Square plopped on a flotation device. Not bad, but the basement lap pool looks a little big. Imagine what that's going to do to the common charges! Some more cool designs after the jump.

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