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CurbedWire: Lucida's Boo Boo Gets a Bandage, Students Bone Up on Gramercy Green Dorm

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UES?As a follow up to our item this week about the shattered window at the Lucida (which is not to be confused with our side-by-side comparison of progress at the Lucida and the Brompton last Friday), a reader sends the photo of the bandage like orange netting covering the broken window. He writes: "How does a class developer repair a broken window? Of course, you put safety netting over it. This is the 'after'. Budgets must be tight even for plywood! Shards of glass are still exposed." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY?A reader passes along an NYU Housing memo that went out to students today about the new dorm called Gramercy Green. First, they are keeping the name, at least for now. But there is much detail about the "new, beautifully-appointed building...this new acquisition was already designed and under construction as a high-end rental apartment building when the university became aware of its availability for purchase."

Here's more from NYU's Housing Department to students about Gramercy Green and its nabe:

Gramercy Park is the Anglicized version of the original Dutch Krom Moerasje, meaning crooked little swamp, which indeed it once was. Samuel Bulkley Ruggles bought the land, drained it, and in 1831 laid out the streets around the park, which were meant to mimic a London square.
Some facts about Gramercy Green:
* Opening fall 2008
* 21 Floors
* Apartment Style with full kitchens
* Campus Cable / Resnet and telephone
* 900 undergraduate students
* Room configurations: Shared Studios for 2 - 3 students
* Two and Three bedroom units for 4-6 students.
* Faculty in Residence
* Study Room, Lounge and computer rooms
* Sub cellar with Multi-purpose room, game room, study room and fitness center. Please note that the sub cellar spaces may not be available until spring term.... Over the past year the university has conducted surveys with student focus groups, which have overwhelmingly endorsed the Gramercy Park area as ideal for student living. In addition, you may be aware that the University recently agreed to a set of Planning Principles, developed with local elected officials and community groups, to guide its growth. We are pleased to be able to say that this building which is located outside NYUs core area, which is contextual (it is on an avenue and major street), which is an existing building, and which will have ground floor retail space is consistent with those principles.

We are very excited about this new student residence and believe you will be pleased to be able to count it among your choices during room selection in April.

More to come on the Gramercy Green dorm, no doubt. [CurbedWire Inbox]