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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Washington Square Park Now Has 100% Less Fountain (67 Comments)
"i am so glad the fountain will align with the arch. now ny will finally look nice. all the tourist photos of the arch will have a beautifully centered fountain in the frame. yeah!!!!"
2) Purple People Eaters: NYU's Expansion Plans Illustrated (66 Comments)
"I think the first step for NYU should be to demo that fugly, heinous St. Ann's dorm that just went up."
3) Lessons from the Boy Emperor (53 Comments)
"The Shaouls and their ilk are only able to get away with their crusade against affordable housing because the city and state agencies (esp. the DOB and DHCR) have been empowering them to do so."
4) 'Gateway to Williamsburg' Meets Kellogg's Diner (49 Comments)
"The best moments are gonna be when the L train fails on the weekend or late night like it always does, and the shuttle buses swing into action. Imagine the scene on a Friday or Saturday night with this monstrosity in place! Just imagine the fun commuters are gonna have getting past Lorimer! Or anywhere. Add in all the hipsters traveling to and from Greenpoint who pass through this intersection, and the cars, and the police, and it's just gonna be the greatest times of our lives!"