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Curbed National: Nouvel Goes Very Green in LA, More!

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Let us now take a very visual look at architecture and design as lately revealed on our West Coast sites Curbed LA and Curbed SF. Have at it.

1) LA: Are you ready for starchitect Jean Nouvel's latest? (Spoiler: you aren't). It's a residential vertical garden where no neighbors need see or speak to each other.
2) LA: Other ways LA is just like us: bizarre, inexplicable public art projects!
3) SF: While we wait for the car hoists at 200 Eleventh Avenue, the Bay Area already enjoys the Klaus parking system at selected residences.
4) SF: Not to be outdone by Nouvel's LA absurdity, Pelli Clarke Pelli has designed a 10-story building with a facade "covered in a network of vines and planters." Look for this trend to hit Manhattan sometime in the next three decades.