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The Hipsterfication of Ridgewood

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[Photo courtesy of MartaBorbala/flickr]

Way back when, Ridgewood, Queens was being called part of Brooklyn, until residents wanted to put distance between themselves and neighboring Bushwick in the 1970s. Now, there's creeping hipsterfication from the southern reaches of Bushwick into Ridgewood. Says one resident:

"They're definitely coming in and cleaning things up around here... They’ve even made it to Wykoff. There are fewer drunks and crack heads, the shopping is even better...I don’t want to say it’s because of the hipsters and yuppies are coming, because it’s not like they are pushing people out; but when they arrive things do tend to get better."Some of the warehouses are going loft and, in a clear indication that there's a Ridgewood Moment, one was cleared out last year long before 475 Kent.
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