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'Irish' Gramercy Green Goes to NYU Freshmen Instead

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Uh, definitively cancel all those rumors and reports that the legendary Gramercy Green on E. 23rd Street and Third Avenue is going to Irish buyers and investors, which was already seriously in doubt. The shock is actually in the outcome: it turns out that the building is going to NYU freshmen. The Villager drops the bomb that Irish eyes will not be smiling in the 21-story building, but that NYU is picking up the entire building for dorm space. The word comes via the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman, who says, "I am glad they chose this route, rather than what they did at the St. Ann’s/12th St. site, which was to try to shoehorn another megadorm into the neighborhood." An early version of the plan had the building being one-third condos and two-thirds dorm, but maybe it was a little hard to sell even overseas money on a condo with NYU dorms. Is it God's hand at work in the background or just part of the overall master plan?
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